Transforming job search management.

JSM App for Job Seekers

The JSM HUB is the perfect platform for your operations to assist, manage and track the outcomes of your job seekers. With multi-language functionality and a cloud-based dashboard for client and office management, the JSM HUB can accommodate organizations of all sizes and dialects.

Painless Implementation

Working with CareerJSM is easy. All of our solutions are delivered in the cloud, which means no complex installs or setup procedures are required. A custom branded CareerJSM portal can be launched within one week.

Automated Activation & Marketing

Effortlessly invite your job seekers to use the platform with automated activation emails. To ensure that activation rates are high, CareerJSM employs drip email campaigns to remind job seekers to activate their JSM App. Using this automated method, our clients have seen a 40% increase in job seeker activations.

Customer Reporting

Our customers gain access to unprecedented analytics and insights about what their job seekers are doing and where they are looking for jobs. This data can be exported to be easily shared with their client to provide updates on how the job seekers are progressing through the outplacement process. For clients running a business with multiple offices, you can browse the job seeker outcomes of different offices and see a breakdown of results for each office.

Job Seeker Outcomes

Generate a breakdown of your job seeker outcomes and analyze metrics such as the number of applications that job seekers are sending week over week or how many jobs they saved. This feature is currently only available through the CareerJSM HUB, but will soon be exportable.

JSM App for Job Seekers

Networking Tools

Influence contacts and discover networking opportunities. Import Gmail contacts into the JSM App and use the Email Builder to generate email templates based on the topic of coversation.

  • Find, schedule, and share meetup event details
  • Easily reach out to contacts using the email templates
  • Stay on top of the process with to-do lists and automatically generated tasks
Opportunity Management

Manage ongoing job applications using the JSM App.

  • Save any job posting, from any job-search website, using the convenient Career JSM Job Tracker
  • Get customized job recommendations based on job search activity
  • Automatically receive interview preparation and company research before scheduled interviews
Resume Builder

Create professional looking resumes with ease. Receive step-by-step advice and support.

  • Build a professional resume using one of the resume templates
  • Easily tailor resume versions for different job applications
  • Export resumes to PDF and Word
Learning Centre & Resources

Finding a job is not always as simple as creating a resume and applying. This section contains courses and learning materials to help job seekers brush up on their interviewing skills.

  • Houses a variety of courses, each with their own subject, content and supplementary resources
  • Has the ability to offer job seekers custom content based on a client’s needs
  • Can be integrated with a third party platform to provide relevant content for job seekers