What Can Career Centres Learn From Facebook?

What do I mean?

You either were on them or you were not. You were browsing AOL.com or you were browsing Yahoo.com.

Facebook changed everything.

As Facebook grew as a company, they started to capture important information about their users, and they started to put it to work across the web. Facebook made the decision to become an open platform, an entity that you interacted with whether you were on Facebook.com, ESPN.com, or an e-commerce site.

We have all used Facebook to sign-in to a third party app or register with a website online. This ease of use both benefited users – I like signing on to sites quickly – as well as Facebook as a business; they get to learn more about your usage across the web.

But what the heck does this have to do with Career Centres?

Well, career centre’s deploy products/websites/software to help their students find jobs. Most of these resources are essentially private recruiting portals. On these resources, students can access the platform for jobs posted only for them and their peers.

These products deliver value to students, but as a closed system, they do not help students when they are looking for jobs on Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, a company website, or wherever they might find a job posting today.

Our data shows us that only 10% of student job applications happen on private university and college job boards. Students are looking for jobs everywhere on the internet, and finding jobs on their own at an increasingly higher rate.

Rather than offering closed platforms that students only benefit from when they are on their platform, universities and colleges need to start offering open platforms that students can derive value from anywhere on the internet.

Well, what is the solution?

Yes, I am about to plug my own software. I strongly believe that a new approach will both deliver value for students, while increasing the quality of career services on campus: two issues I am extremely passionate about.

CareerJSM is an open resource for students to use. We track their activity on any hiring platform. From there, we enhance their ability to get a job, allowing CareerJSM to build services like interview prep (customized news about the company, hiring tips, and much more) and make sure that students are prepared for any job interview, regardless of where they found the job.  

Like Facebook our product can track activity on any platform. Thus, we learn a lot more about the job seekers activity then any closed platform allows for. This allows us to deliver more actionable insights to our customers (not advertisers, career centres). Further, we can show career centres what hiring resources their students use most. For example, we know what types of jobs political science students apply to versus sociology grads.

How can I learn more?

We have built tools for the modern career centre to support their students with a platform they expect to use after growing up with Facebook: an open and accessible platform that travels with the job seeker across the internet. If you would like to know more about how we can implement our solution for your career centre (used by over 10K users in last 3 months) please reach out.