How To Organize Your Job Search with CareerJSM

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Not organized in your job search? You are missing great opportunities.

Ever found the perfect opportunity only to forget where you found it? Even worse, have you ever been poorly prepared for an interview because you forgot what was in the job description?

You’re not alone.

Most job seekers use a wide range of different job boards and hiring websites to look for opportunities, but don’t have any way to track all the positions they’re interested in. Inevitably, they miss out on great opportunities.

How can I organize my job search?

  • CareerJSM job tracker and Chrome extension
    • You can watch a video tutorial of this feature by clicking here.
    • Save thousands of jobs from any major job board to one location
      • No more tracking postings across LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster and Workopolis separately.
      • Including their title, the employer, location, the job description and a link to the posting directly



  • Set reminders for your interviews
    • Receive interview tips and company info for your interview directly to your email inbox.
  • Keep track of where you’ve already applied
  • Save your tailored resumes with the CareerJSM Resume Builder
    • CareerJSM’s Resume Builder feature will save any resume you build in the app. Here you can make variations specific to the employer quickly without having to worry about formatting problems.
    • A video walkthrough of this feature is available by clicking here.


Bottom Line

If you’re not organized in your job search, find a program that will organize it for you. CareerJSM’s Extension and Job Tracker make it easy to save everything about your prospects, applications, and interviews to one central location.

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