Job Tracker – Job Search Management Made Easy

The modern job search requires searching for opportunities on many different job boards. To help, CareerJSM has recently updated our platform to improve the way job seekers manage all of their opportunities.

When job seekers are managing multiple opportunities at different stages it can be challenging to track all of the information required to manage each opportunity.

Our simple drag & drop interface makes it easier than ever to effectively manage a job search. Have a look: we are calling it the CareerJSM Job Tracker.

Why is this important?

As we’ve said before on this blog, job search management is crucial to performing in the application and interview process. Why?

  • Being organized means never missing great opportunities
    • Track prospects from any hiring resource from one central location, no more searching through job boards to find the opening you were interested in
    • Notes and reminders mean you never miss an application deadline
  • Better job seeker behaviour
    • Prompts on the Job Tracker ensure you’re following best practices in your communications with the employer’s hiring team.
  • Crush the interview
    • Interviews saved in the CareerJSM portal will generate interview preparations emails to help you prepare thoroughly for your meeting.

How Will A Job Seeker Use The Job Tracker?

Using the new Job Tracker page is easy. Job postings saved to the platform can be dragged and dropped to the appropriate column as users progress through the job search process (Bookmark, Applied, Follow Up, Interview, Offer Made or Archive).

Cards in the Job Tracker will even progress automatically if you complete required actions. Selecting the “Apply” button – for example – on a Bookmarked opportunity will take you directly to the job posting, while also moving the card to the Applied column.

What do I do next?

The Job Tracker will provide users with prompts to take the next step in their job search journey. For example, if you’ve applied to a position but haven’t heard anything from the employer in a while, the Job Tracker will prompt you to Follow Up using the portal’s Email Builder.

From the Job Tracker users can also schedule interviews, conduct company research, and add primary contacts to opportunities.


Want to learn more?

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Connor McGee