New Outplacement Pricing

CareerJSM launched our first product for outplacement and career transition just over a year ago today. Since then, over 5,000 job seekers have used our product to help them find a job as part of their career transition.

Outplacement companies are unique. They each have various service delivery models, unique program offerings, and varying length of programs.

After a year of delivering outplacement software, we have updated our pricing model to reflect the needs of our customers and support their outcomes.

Our pricing strategy reflects our commitment to our customers. You only pay when you use our product, and as your commitment to CareerJSM increases, CareerJSM will increase the services delivered to your organization.

You can access a link here.

Activation Credits

CareerJSM has moved to selling “monthly activation credits” for job seeker use.

A customer will use an activation credit each time they grant access to a job seeker for one month. If they decide to give job seekers access for six, they will use six credits.

Activation credits are only claimed when the job seeker signs in and activates their account for the length that you have assigned to CareerJSM. Meaning that you are never paying for software that your clients are not using.

Volume Discounts

CareerJSM will discount the product as customers reach various milestones with the company, ensuring that as your investment with CareerJSM increases, the marginal cost per user decreases.

Pricing Milestones

As our customers increase their spend with CareerJSM, we increase the services we offer to the customers. This include custom development, third-party integrations, and support marketing the product to your job seekers.

CareerJSM recognizes that larger outplacement companies have unique needs, and have structured our pricing to reflect that. When larger organizations work with us, we will work with you to make sure the product meets your existing processes while supporting you to capture as much revenue as possible.

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