New Feature: Consultant Tagging

You asked and we listened!

As a company dedicated to making great software, we are constantly evolving the way our product works, and our customers’ input is central to the decision making process.

Our team is very excited to be rolling out a great new feature this week that was specifically requested by our customers – Consultant Tagging.

Before explaining the new feature and what it does, we think it is worth mentioning that our customers receive all product upgrades at no extra cost.


Because we strongly believe that our customers should always get access to the best version of our product and that our development projects should benefit everyone.

What is Consultant Tagging?

We’ve heard from several of our customers that they needed the ability to limit the amount of information their consultants can see in the HUB. Specifically, consultants should be able to review the information of the clients they are working with, but should not be able to see the full list of corporate clients and job seekers registered.

Consultant Tagging addresses this need. In short, Consultant Tagging is the ability to assign job seekers directly to the coach they are working with, while also limiting that coach’s viewing permissions in our Administrative HUB.

Why is it important?

Privacy is a growing concern for many companies and the clients who engage with their services. As a result, we worked with our customers to build a feature which would improve their client’s privacy, without impacting our customer’s ability to deliver the great services they’re known for.

Have a great idea to improve our product or want to learn more?

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Connor McGee