The Value of Customer Operations

This is part of a new series written by our Customer Operations Lead Connor McGee.

Over the course of a few blog posts I’ll be sharing how providing strong Customer Operations has been a tremendous value add for CareerJSM. I will do so through 3 topics – What is Customer Operations, Our Tech Stack and ROI of Customer Operations.

How does CareerJSM define Customer Operations?

Customer Operations at CareerJSM is a fluid mix of account management, customer success and support (with some business development thrown in too). Our Customer Operations team empowers our company to manage live support for our corporate clients and the job seekers who use our service. However, Customer Operations doesn’t end when a customer’s question or problem has been answered.

Our team relays feedback to our development team for review and is also responsible for creating thorough product training programs. By bringing these separate tasks together CareerJSM is able to constantly improve on our product, while also perfecting our user training programs to avoid user mistakes.

Partnership > Customer

Building a relationship with our customers is central to CareerJSM’s philosophy. Our Customer Operations team works to create a constant feedback loop with our customers, ensuring that the product is meeting their needs and expectations, and any issues and questions are always addressed promptly.

By building such a strong channel of communication, CareerJSM is able to focus on maintaining a mutually beneficial partnership instead of provider-customer roles. Our partners are encouraged to ask for new features and provide feedback, two things that are essential to their success, as well as our own.

Customer Training

Another fundamental aspect of Customer Operations is product training. CareerJSM’s intuitive user interface helps this process but just to ensure there are no problems our Customer Operations team designs easy-to-understand staff training programs.

For now, we do this across two different mediums: in-person coaching sessions and written guidebooks. Starting this year we will also be providing video walkthroughs of our HUB and Job Seeker App to all customers as well.

Providing this training means transitioning to our service from one of our competitors easier, faster, and more personal. Our Customer Operations team is committed to you every step of the way, instead of just getting your business and moving on.    

Going through the transition process together helps CareerJSM learn more about our customers immediate needs and priorities, again creating a feedback loop so we can constantly improve.


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