Working at CareerJSM: Connor

Connor McGee is CareerJSM’s Customer Operations Lead (What is Customer Operations?). Read below as he describes why he loves working at CareerJSM.

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When did you start at CareerJSM?

September 2017.

What were you doing before you started at CareerJSM?

Prior to working at CareerJSM I worked in New Zealand as a Production Assistant for an Australian production company – R&R Productions. For anyone curious to see my 3-seconds of fame, watch Season 2, Episode 2 of Wanted on Netflix. I appear around the 31 minute mark.

Tell us a little bit about your role at CareerJSM?

As Customer Operations Lead I serve as the point of contact between our customers and our team. This involves managing the accounts of our customers – customer onboarding, training and success – as well as communicating feedback to our development team.

Since taking on this role I’ve also begun pursuing sales and business development projects.

Could you tell us a little bit about a specific project you have worked on?

I am really proud of the improvements I’ve been able to make to our feedback loop. Since beginning at CareerJSM our feedback and reporting funnels have changed dramatically.

Thanks, in part, to my work we’ve been able to cut down our Live Chat solution time (the time it takes to solve a user’s problem) to 9 minutes, and improved our 24/7 support ticket response time to 26 minutes. I’m proud of these numbers because I think it reflects CareerJSM’s commitment to fostering a relationship with our customers.

I’ve also helped in creating a weekly feedback report protocol, which helps our team prioritize improvements and requests our customers bring up.

What have you learned since you started at CareerJSM?

The business operations and development learning I have gotten to do over the past months is invaluable to my professional growth. The skills, and confidence, I’ve developed as a result of being part of CareerJSM’s sales and business development cycle will be essential to my career going forward.

Why would you recommend CareerJSM to someone starting out their career?

Beyond having exceptional co-workers and a positive workplace culture, CareerJSM is the perfect place to begin a career because of Jeff and Tristan’s commitment to professional, and personal, growth. As an employee I am encouraged to pursue new skills, responsibilities, and opportunities to improve CareerJSM as a business.