CareerJSM Enters Career Transition & Outplacement Market

CareerJSM is pleased to share that their unique job search management software will now be leveraged by the Career Transition & Outplacement industry through a partnership with Optimum Talent — a leading talent development consultant firm in Canada.  

“Collaborating with a Canadian leader in Career Transition and Outplacement services like Optimum Talent has been a great opportunity. We learned a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding the right approach to career management in order to achieve the best outcomes, and in turn we were able introduce Optimum Talent to the latest technologies for managing tasks like resume development, networking, and job opportunity management,” said Jeffrey Doucet, Chief Executive Officer at CareerJSM. “I’m also thrilled that through the launch of the new Optimum Talent Career Management Portal, we have been able to launch our CareerJSM APP (for job seekers to manage their job search effectively) and the CareerJSM HUB (for career consultants to monitor candidate engagement and provide client reporting) to the talent management space.”

“The Career Transition & Outplacement industry has seen tremendous change over the last eight years and that change has been largely driven by technology. Organizations want to partner with firms that can deliver flexibility. We heard that message from our clients and responded by developing an entirely new approach to career transition that combines our vanguard, cloud-based technology with the 40 years of transition expertise we’re known for,” said Sandra Boyd, National Practice Leader, Optimum Talent.  

“We wanted to invest in a technology that would stand out and offer fresh approach, and with CareerJSM we achieved just that. It is smarter, faster, more user-friendly and intuitive, and stands out above the other software products we considered. We’re confident this is the best possible career management system we could have implemented to help our clients manage their careers,” said Nicole Maxfield, Director, Systems and Operational Efficiency, Optimum Talent.

The preliminary client feedback since launching the CareerJSM APP has been very positive as Optimum Talent has seen a significant  increase in job seeker engagement.

The CareerJSM HUB acts as an admin portal for Optimum Talent and for their career consultants, enabling Optimum Talent to better track job seeker engagement and outcomes, in addition to providing better reporting to their corporate clients.

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Connor McGee

Customer Operations Lead


CareerJSM has built the first Job Search Management tool that helps job seekers manage the entire process of looking for their next opportunity. CareerJSM sells their enterprise grade products to companies looking to increase employment outcomes for their clients.

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Optimum Talent enables organizations to achieve success through people. We collaborate with leading organizations to recruit, develop, engage, retain, and transition talent. The result for our clients is a stronger employer brand, and a team of leaders and talent with the capability to achieve their business goals.

With origins dating back over 40 years, Optimum Talent has grown to over 200 employees operating in 15 offices from coast to coast. We provide expertise in Executive Search and Recruitment Solutions; Leadership, Assessment and Development; and Career Transition and Outplacement.

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