4 Things to Look For Before an Interview

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Research the company interviewing you.

Despite the opportunity to set yourself apart from other interviewees, many strong candidates waste it by not doing thorough research on the company interviewing them. This leaves the interviewer with a bad impression and you without a job.

What information should I be looking for?
Putting it to work

You can use this information to set yourself apart as a candidate in the interview. Mention their mission statement when answering why you want to work at the company, or make a comment about the customers they are working with.

Integrating this information into your interview will help you stand apart as a candidate and come across as engaged, excited, and thorough.

How we can help

Since being prepared is so important we offer interview prep so you can be confident before meeting your interviewer. In fact, CareerJSM will email you directly with company info a few days before your interview.

Bottom Line

Beyond making you a stronger candidate, researching a company is an easy way to learn how you would fit in a company’s culture, as well as giving you a chance to get excited about what the company is working on!