SmartTracker: Real-Time Resume Analysis

Matching qualifications to a job posting keywords is crucial to getting your application noticed.

Why? Applicant Tracking Systems. 

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

Applicant Tracking Systems are recruiting software platforms designed to sort through huge quantities of resumes and determine which candidates are the best fit. Similar to a search engine (Google, Yahoo etc.), Applicant Tracking Systems rank candidates by relevant keywords (job titles, skills and experiences) and filters (geographical location and education level).

Applications and resumes that best meet the the employer’s criteria are passed on to the hiring team, while everyone else is left in the digital waste bin.

Are these systems common?

The use of ATS is very common among employers. According to Workable, over 70% of large businesses use ATS as part of their hiring process – this number rises to over 90% for Fortune 500 companies.

How can CareerJSM help?

SmartTracker – the world’s first ever real-time resume analysis Chrome Extension that works on any hiring resource.

Watch below as SmartTracker offers instant feedback on improvements and changes your score based on resume content!

Here’s how the process works.

  1. Build your resumes in the CareerJSM App.
  2. Find a job posting you’re interested in on the web.
  3. From our SmartTracker notification card select the resume you would like to compare.
  4. Get immediate feedback from SmartTracker about your qualifications.
  5. Make changes to your resume as necessary to improve your SmartTracker rating.
  6. Submit your application with confidence, knowing that you will grab the hiring team’s attention.

Why is this important?

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) completely revolutionized the hiring process by filtering thousands of applications based on keywords (job titles, skills, former employers and years experience). This evolution dramatically changed the power dynamic in favour of hiring teams, often resulting in the rejection of exceptional candidates whose description didn’t match precisely.

Using our new SmartTracker feature job seekers can now benefit from the power of an ATS at the earliest stages of their job search. Submitting a strong application that is specifically geared towards meeting employers qualifications just got much easier, and the risk of being eliminated by an ATS has been reduced dramatically.

By creating SmartTracker, CareerJSM is helping job seekers perform more effectively, while also saving valuable time.

Why We Built This

Our users often tell us how frustrated they are with ineffective search features on job boards. Two jobs with identical titles can be very different when it comes to experience, seniority and compensation.

See for yourself. Both the positions below have the exact same title but require dramatically different amounts of experience – the first requires just 2 years in a similar role, whereas the second requires at least 10.

No wonder hiring team’s report that 75% of applicants for job postings are under-qualified! With SmartTracker CareerJSM is helping clients optimize their job search – by helping them execute on postings that are a good fit, and ignore postings that are a waste of time.

You can learn more about how job boards are encouraging bad behaviour by reading CEO Jeffrey Doucet’s blog series here.    



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