Working at CareerJSM: Vais

Vais Mahendran is a Junior Full-Stack Developer at CareerJSM. Interested in working with Vais? Great, we’re hiring for a Junior Developer Summer Intern. More details here.

When did you start at CareerJSM?

May 2017

What were you doing before you started at CareerJSM?

Prior to working at CareerJSM, I was finishing my final year of computer science at the University of Toronto.

Tell us a little bit about your role at CareerJSM?
At CareerJSM, I work as a full-stack developer, which means I am responsible for a wide range tasks involving the front-end and back-end development. Most recently, however, I have been working on the company’s chrome extension.

Could you tell us a little bit about a specific project you have worked on?

I have worked on several projects at CareerJSM but the project I am most proud to have worked on was the SmartTracker for the chrome extension. The SmartTracker was a feature I implemented for our chrome extension that allows users to receive real-time analysis of their resume in comparison to the qualification requirements of a job posting.

What have you learned since you started at CareerJSM?

CareerJSM was the first startup that I had the opportunity to work at. During my time here, I learned a variety of skills. From the software side, I learned a lot about Javascript and Ruby. From the business side, I learned the importance of communication and the ability to work with other people. The things I have learned during my time here have been invaluable for my growth.  

Why would you recommend CareerJSM to someone starting out their career?
I believe CareerJSM is the perfect place for someone to start their career as you have the opportunity to learn and work with incredible co-workers. Not only that, your opinion matters as a part of discussions in improving the company and it’s product.