Working at CareerJSM: Faizal

Faizal Hussain (Zayd) is a Software Developer at CareerJSM. Interested in working with Faizal? We’re hiring a Junior Developer Summer Intern! More details here.

When did you start at CareerJSM?

I started working at CareerJSM in October 2017.

What were you doing before you started at CareerJSM?

Prior to working at CareerJSM I was an HVAC/R Technician for 4 years. In early 2017 I decided to make a career change and become a Web Developer, so I enrolled in the Full-Time Web Development course at Brainstation.

Tell us a little bit about your role at CareerJSM?

I double as a Software Developer and Project manager at CareerJSM. I primarily work on the front-end of our applications when it comes to coding but I also get to try my hands at Rails on the back-end when the opportunity arises.

In addition to coding, I also manage a number of ongoing projects we are currently working on. I take charge of planning, scheduling and implementation of our plans as well as monitoring the results of these projects so we can improve on them as we move forward.

Could you tell us a little bit about a specific project you have worked on?

Recently, I worked on implementing a number of new features for the CareerJSM Admin HUB.

These features were broken down into three components, the ability for Job Seeker Consultants to view their client resumes, job applications, and learning center progress all in real-time. This added a great amount of value for Consultants who use our platform as they were able to better track their clients progress without having to contact them directly.  

What have you learned since you started at CareerJSM?

Since joining CareerJSM I have not had one day working here where I did not learn something new whether it be from a development or managing perspective. My coding skills have grown immensely since joining the team. I’ve become confident in working with Ember and won’t shy away from writing rake files for Rails. The team at CareerJSM has been very helpful in providing support and shared knowledge for whatever question you have or project you are working on.

Why would you recommend CareerJSM to someone starting out their career?

I would highly recommend CareerJSM to anyone starting out their career. This is a rapidly growing company that will help you to develop the skills required to excel in your career. Newcomers are welcomed and encouraged to take on responsibility and are given opportunities to tackle issues or projects that you would normally have to wait much longer for at most companies.

This is a great place to grow and develop the skills that will make you a leader in this industry later on in your career.